The FreeMo Festival

Combining  The  Talents  of Many To Put On An Amazing Annual Festival of Live Interactive Spontaneity in a Giant Celebration of The Now.




Free Motion -- What a giant phrase!!! What a beautiful goal!!!  In art, we, at The FreeMo Festival think that free motion is the space where teh magic of art vibrates a unique expression that can only, really, really be appreciated live.  The FreeMo Festival is a yearly celebration of Free Motion in its many facets and forms and coming from many disiplines.  The FreeMo Festival is really a combination of many extemporaneous happenings at once, like ten festivals combined at the same time and the same place.  With so many confusingly similar ideas and names for the artistic virtuosity that is Spontaneous Expression, The FreeMo Festival was conceived to make a unified experience rather than trying to have the audience and artists keep track of 5 or more festivals a year dedicated to this type of expression. So, for the time being, The Spont Festival, The Free Movement Festival, the Die Jammin' Festival, The Free Motion Festival, Gymprovise, and  are combining forces to bring you The FREEMO Festival.  Keep updated here at for the latest news, special offers and updates.





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